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Inspiring Stories

Todd Stockford

"Just got done with short session. I'm sorry for texting at such hour, but feel like I need to share my experience. I was noticing my wife watching a TV show. Kinda paid attention to it for a short while, long enough to circle back around in my memories of my passed brother and his disability (bi-polar) , while he was alive I didn't understand.

The whole thing brings on TREMENDOUS stress. I stepped away, and tried your relaxation hypnosis download... I was relaxing and chilled like nothing else!!

Encluding poor choices of what I put in my body at a much younger age. I feel like Huey Lewis " I FOUND A NEW DRUG" so far so good 👍🏻.

Matt....I wish I had the words to describe my gratitude. I'm just diving in slowly. I'm 51yrs old. Have always been easily upset sometimes short on patients and need to practice slowing down rushing to process daily life experience. IDK , not greatest with vocabulary.

Point is ty for your interest in helping fellow man with some lost tools. Heck, a lot of people are unaware they even have the ability let alone putting a toolbox together.
Matt my new Cerebral Tool Man! That's a complement if that isn't clear.
Have a great day and we'll keep you posted."

Christy Hamlett

"Hi Matt! I have used the deep sleep hypnosis for success until last night and then I switched to the deep peaceful sleep delta tones. I slept great using both, but slept longer with the deep peaceful. I've done the morning rise and the flow state also.

I've interchanged them when I wake up. For me the flow state works best for me as soon as I get out of bed and I play the morning rise when I get to work now. I then play the flow state on my lunch break.

I played one for ADD while visiting my nephew (3 yr old) and believe it or not he was able to manipulate and use a small robot he got for Christmas to pick things up!! My sister said he had NEVER been able to do that before. Thank you so much for this gift!! I have had a much more positive attitude since I began using the tracks."

Gregor Sturm

"I am primarily using the Screening manifestation session currently and I have to say that it has quite literally changed my life.

The first goal I have set came into my life just 3 days after I played the session for the first time, and the second came in 2 weeks. It has also changed my entire life to a state where I am able to flow naturally in a state of gratitude in my everyday life.

Truly I would recommend this meditation to absolutely everyone who has a goal that they would like to manifest into their lives!

I am also going to start using the sleep tones soon but I am still waiting for my new radio to arrive before I can start with that.

Thank you very much for your work and I am very much looking forward to the astral projection and lucid dream tones you spoke about recently!"

How It Works

Experience The Evolution Of Brainwave Entrainment

The Level Up membership combines the scientifically proven benefits of brainwave entrainment with new technology to help you transform your life in ways traditional mainstream methods never could.

You'll experience life changing sleep, highly productive focus and be able to effectively combat stress and anxiety simply by pressing play. Combined with powerful guided meditation sessions for mindfulness, success, goal setting, visualization & manifestation practices and tools for subconscious priming.

How To Take Action Now

Step 1: Sign Up For Your 14 Day Free Trial

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Step 2: Access The Web App & Login

Access the progressive Level Up web app from any web browser with the link that will be sent to you. You can also access all your content on your computer or laptop.  Create an account and you’re good to go. All programs will be available for you within the membership area.

Step 3: Choose Your Session

Choose from our library of audio programs in many aspects of your life. Select a sleep session that best fits you from many different choices, start your morning off right by using one of our morning prime audio sessions to help get you up and running at peak for your day, or tackle stress and anxiety with our carefully crafted guided and unguided audios. You will also find guided and unguided powerful meditation sessions and visualization sessions for success! Plus so much more!

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Level Up Your Sleep, Focus & Productvity For Just $12.97/mo

Unlimited Access to All Level Up Audios plus Our Subconscious Priming & Success Bundles, Monthly Video Training on Success, Mindset, Meditation, Visualization, Manifestation and Developing Successful Morning & Daily Habits, all to Help You Live a Limitless Life.

How You Will Benefit

One of the worlds most intuitive brainwave entrainement audios are now available to anyone. What can you do with it?

They say that money can't buy you true happiness. While this may be the case, money can buy you the tools to align your brain and body in such a way that you feel balanced, happy and healthy every day.

That is why investing in your mental and emotional health is the best investment you can make, because it affects every aspect of your daily life on a consistent basis. And in the entire industry, no one matches the quality of ISO-Sync Labs because our tones, frequencies and audio sessions are created with the highest quality of technology and with the highest positive intention out there, love.

With our ISO-Sync Level Up Membership, you now get every single audio session, tone, frequency, and trainings at your fingertips. Individually, each of our program bundles has a fee of $79. With the Level Up Membership -- EVERYTHING is unlocked for you for less than $.50 a day.

Our aim is to make altered states of consciousness, a balanced mental state and a balanced emotional state available to anyone, anywhere.

Total Value of All Programs:

New Sessions Are Added Every Single Month As We Continue Our Research and Development.

Pay Nothing For 14 Days!

Try ISO-Sync's Level Up Membership and don't pay anything for 14days!

If you do not sleep better, focus longer, or receive any benefits at all from our sessions after you try them. Just cancel your membership within the 14days and you will not be charged a dime. 

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What You Get:

Level Up Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firs of all, you will be saving a ton of money.

Simply because you will be getting an unlimited access to all bundles and sessions that you can consume anytime, for a very small monthly fee. You’re saving up to $1,700 off the original total value (not including the monthly additions).

We created it this was so that you have the awesome ability to experience wonderful transformations in every aspect of your life while saving a lot of money every month. Where else online can you spend less than $13 per month and gain unlimited access to science based tools that will help you not only improve the quality of your sleep, focus and productivity, but also allow you to make life long transformations that are permanent and lasting.

Let's put money aside for a second. With ISO-Syncs Level Up Membership you’re putting yourself in the best possible situation to increase the quality of not only your life, but the lives of those around you. How can we even begin to put a value on that?

That is a great question, and the answer simply is because our Founder Matt Aponte is extremely passionate about helping as many lives as possible in a positive and impactful way. He whole heartedly believes that brainwave entrainment is the key to living the most limitless life possible.

Whether you use it only for sleep, focus and productivity, or you use it to take back control of your subconscious mind and begin living your life by your own design.

Matt believes that this knowledge and technology should be made available to everyone and anyone on this planet. His goal is NOT to build the next multi-million dollar company no, HIS GOAL is to contribute to the increase in quality-of-life of as many as he can during his time here on earth.

This is his way of helping to raise the collective consciousness.

After your sign up is complete, you will be receiving access via two methods. Your email and an SMS text message will be sent to you as well. If you are not located in the USA, the text message may not be delivered properly, so make sure you check your email and your spam for your instructions for access. 

If you use Hotmail or Yahoo mail, many times they block first time emails with links in them, so we recommend using another email service like Gmail to make sure that your access is sent properly and received by you. 

If for some reason you do not receive your access and it has been longer than 30 minutes since your purchase, please send a text message to our instant support number +1 (720) 730-2121 including your name and email used upon signup and we will make sure you receive your access asap.

For refund:

You get a FREE 14-day trial after you enter your billing information. You will not get charged until the 15th day after you signed up. If in this time you decide it’s not for you, then simply send us an email at [email protected] and we will cancel your account.  We do not offer any refunds as this is a month to month service with a free 14 day trial and you can cancel any time.

Upon refunding, you will lose access to all sessions acquired through your Membership (but you will still have access to any bundled programs you may have previously purchased, since you invested in them separately).

For cancellation:

After your purchase has gone thrgouh, and at any time you decide not to renew your subscription for another month, you can cancel it by sending an email to our support team ([email protected]) letting them know you would like to cancel and they will handle everything for you. You won’t be charged for this any further but you will still keep the access to the subscription content until your next renewal date.

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What You Get:

Level Up Membership

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