Trust The Intention Behind The Creation of ISO-Sync Labs Tones

Founder & Creator Matt Aponte

Meet The Founder & Creator

"My name is Matt Aponte and after learning about the power of tones and frequencies and the positive affects they can have on our minds and bodies, I quickly realized how this could also be used for bad and discovered in many instances where it has.

I then began to research, study and test how to create them for myself without having to worry about the potential negative intentions of others. Over the years his lead me to many personal discoveries in the field of neuroscience and also lead me to become a certified Sound Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Flow State Practitioner and ISM Mind Coach.

After helping myself and curing my own ADD, creating frequencies for my wife to help her get rid of her chronic anxiety and helping many of my friends and clients, I now want to extend my knowledge and experience to others by making the very same tones and frequencies we use on a daily basis, available to others.

You can rest assured knowing that what you are listening to is filled with good and positive intentions to help you be able to level up your life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically."

Founder & Creator
Matt Aponte

-Published Author
-Certified Sound Therapist
-Certified NLP Practitioner
-Certified ISM Mind Coach
-Certified Hypnotherapist
-Certified Flow State Practitioner
-Personal Empowerment Coach

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