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Bring your pets back in balance with the earth's natural heartbeat.

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"I am a holistic veterinarian who supervises a team of pet hygienists who perform anesthesia free teeth cleaning. Yesterday we entered a breeder's home which housed 22 Italian greyhounds! The barking was deafening!

I had just received a link to an app with pet calming frequencies. I turned it on and the technicians smiled as soon as they heard the bubbling water.

I was very impressed with the wave of calm that washed over the anxious dogs and allowed us to proceed with our work in a peaceful environment.
I combined the calming tone usage with my diffusion of essential oils. I am excited to add this new modality to my holistic practice! 😃"

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern

Holistic Veterinarian


Reduce Chewing

Excessive chewing is a sign of irritability, or separation anxiety and a need for an outlet. When your pets are able to relax and be calm, they will only be chewing on their toys and bones.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

There are any number of sounds that can cause stress and anxiety in your pet. Once our healing sound therapy is played for a few minutes, most animals are able to relax and react less to strange sounds outside.

Minimize Bad Behavior

We cannot always get our pets out in nature when we need to. This can start to show in your pets bad behavior as an outlet. A calmed pet, is a happy pet. Our propriety re-creation of Mother Earths Healing frequencies and "heart beat" naturally resonates with your pet and calms them, and their behavior down.

We can help keep them happy

Our pets have evolved from nature. And just like us if we are disconnected from nature for to long, we become imbalanced. This leads to irritability and bad behavior in our pets. Our proprietary natural tones and frequencies derived from nature help bring your pets heartbeat back in line with the Earth's Heartbeat. Which calms anxiety, stress and irritability.

How It Works 

Our pets have evolved from nature. Much like us they were not meant to be disconnected from the healing and balancing sounds and frequencies of Mother Nature.

Because of this new hectic lifestyles, this disconnect and imbalance can manifest as stress and anxiety in your pet which can lead to chewing, anxiousness, irritability, excessive barking and irregular behavior.

In 1918 Winfred Otto Shumann discovered a global resonance of the earth ionosphere‘s. And today it is affectionately known as the “earths heartbeat”.

This electromagnetic resonance, or pulse of the earth affects all living things, and animals are especially susceptible to it.

Studies have shown that when we and our pets are brought back into harmony with the earths heartbeat, we achieve a state of homeostasis, or balance.

When we and our pets are not in harmony, we become imbalanced and this imbalance leads to irritability.

At ISO Sync Labs we have studied this phenomenon for over three years and have developed pure tones that mimic the earths heartbeat to help bring you and your pets back in harmony with Mother nature’s loving heartbeat.

  • Help your pets sleep better at night

  • Reduce stress from fireworks

  • Help them stay calm when you are away or at work

  • Reduce bad behavior such as garbage digging and chewing

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety in anxious pets

  • Rest easy while away knowing that they are calm and resting

  • Bring your pets back into alignment with Nature's Healing Sound Therapy

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More Testimonials

"I received one of the ISO-Sync Pets Sound Therapy tone tracks from Kate Klasen to try on my grooming animals. I have two cats that I groom on a regular basis and they can be a little scared at times. The male is difficult to get out of his carrier.

But when I had the tones playing for approximately 10 minutes prior to taking them out of their kennel, he was much more compliant! He was very relaxed while on the grooming table and during his grooming session.

When I got the female out she is usually a little bit more skittish. When I started to groom her she was very relaxed! I was very impressed with how the cats reacted to the music. It was a much easier grooming session for all of us! 

Malinda Malone

Owner, Diamond's Full of Fur Mobile Grooming 

“ISO-Sync for Pets Tones is wonderful! My husband and I are pet parents of several lovely felines, most of whom are getting up there in years and are in good health. However, we have one “teenager” (Millie) who can be somewhat anxious at times and has never really responded well to interactive play with her humans.

We decided to give ISO-Sync's natures healing sounds a try, and what a great surprise! She has come out of her shell so to speak!

I played the Tones every day for a week then engaged her in play and it was amazing to see her reaction. Millie now comes to us looking for that interaction and connection. We are so happy for her and for us!

It has given us a new level of bonding that we were having difficulty reaching before because Millie was so timid. She even spends much more time just “hanging out” with us and her brothers and sister instead of curled up under her blanket.

I would recommend ISO sync's for Pets Natural Healing Sound Therapy tones  to any pet parents, or professionals that are looking for a unique way to calm an anxious pet!” 

Tracy Ryan

Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have been doing cat and dog rescue in the Phoenix valley since 1996. I have rescued 100s of pets over the years and have extensive experience working with scared and sometimes feral street cats.

I recently found myself facing a new paralyzed semi feral kitty who needed care and treatment. When Kate sent me a link with the frequencies from ISO-Sync proven to have a calming effect on cats and dogs, I started playing it right away. I couldn’t believe how quickly my new little friend was calming down. Within minutes, her body softened and her eyes began to close. I have never seen a scared cat settle down so quickly after coming right off the street! I continued to use the tones regularly while I treated her wounds and earned her trust.

I also have a 16 year old dog who recently had anesthesia and has been dealing with severe anxiety ever since. Once we figured out that her main trigger is from commotion from other dogs in her area, I started removing her completely to avoid the situations. Once Kate had sent me the tones to try, I sat with my dog and although she was nervous and barking at first, within 5 minutes she was laying right next to my chair and eventually dozed off.

At one point, there was a loud knocking sound which would have typically sent her into a panic but she simply looked at me, saw I was fine and went right back to sleep. After a couple months of dealing with her anxiety episodes and knowing how reactive she would have been, I was shocked!

I’m so glad that Kate has taken the time, and worked with ISO- Sync for these tones for the benefit of cats and dogs. I will always have them on my phone and look forward to using them in future rescue situations when I need help to calm down a cat or dog for safety and treatment!"

Becci Scott

Owner of Fetching Dog


Back Into Balance

Purchase our Natures Healing Sound Therapy audios for your pet today. You will both be glad you did :)

Natures Healing Sound Therapy

Get 32hrs of Sound Therapy for Your Pet!

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4 8hr tracks to play continuously

Proprietary combination of tones & frequencies based on science

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Yes, it even helps to calm the pet owners as well! All nature is connected to the earth ionosphere and that includes all living things. 

When we and our pets become out of connection with this due to a hectic life disconnected from time in nature, this leads to stress anxiety and dissonance.

Our unique proprietary combination of earth's heartbeat, specific tones, organic frequencies and beautifully composed music makes us the only company on the market that can offer such healing sound therapy for your pet!

Just like humans, every animal is different and has different personalities and needs. In our tests and experiences, it can take anywhere from a couple minutes upwards of 20-30 minutes for the animal to begin to show the physiological affects of the music.

This is why we are providing 6 initial tracks that are different in nature. Try them all with your pet and see which one they prefer best! 

In short no. Unless you count relaxation, reduction of stress, relief of anxiety and more a side effect?


The Gift of Nature

Purchase our Natures Healing Sound Therapy audios for your pet today. You will both be glad you did :)

Natures Healing Sound Therapy

Get 32hrs of Sound Therapy for Your Pet!

Instant Access

Download to your computer or phone

4 8hr tracks to play continuously

Proprietary combination of tones & frequencies based on science

Limited time launch special!

Get 30% off during our launch!

Receive a FREE Bluetooth Speaker with the music programed on it!
(While Supplies Last)

$ 49 only 

Meet the Team

Matt Aponte - Creator

Matt is a Certified Sound Therapist, Color Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Published Author. Above all though, he is a deep lover of nature and all animals.

While creating specific therapy frequencies and tones for himself and his NLP Clients, he began to research the affects on his two pups Milo & Chloe at the suggestion of colleague and friend Kate Klasen. 

After experiencing much success with not only his own dogs during firework season, but many other cats and animals that Kate and other Vet Professionals had been able to test, he decided to dive deeper and create more specific frequencies and tones that work ideally for our furry loved ones.

Every music track is meticulously crafted after hours of intense work, with love and positive intention infused in every one.

Try them for your fur baby today! 

Kate Klasen - Partner

Kate Klasen is an ISO-Sync for Pets partner, holistic groomer, Reiki master, certified canine esthetician, a Fear Free certified groomer and a Pet Tech certified CPR/First Aid instructor.

Kate is also a certified Science Dog educator on canine nutrition.

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